About The Practice

Gallo & Associates Psychological Services is a private group clinical psychology and counseling practice that offers services tailored to the individual needs of clients. Therapeutically we emphasize helping people to reclaim their psychological and emotional health by teaching and instilling the principles at the basis of healthy psychological functioning. Successful therapy results in the client becoming self-empowered. The focus of treatment is not on pathology or mental illness, but rather on the ingredients that constitute mental health.  Services include the following:

Individual Therapy:  Therapeutic services are available to individuals (children, adolescents, and adults).  Treatment is tailored to the client on the basis of detailed information obtained during intake, assessment, and throughout therapy.  In many instances treatment is quite brief, since our approach precisely focuses on eliminating the fundamental causes of emotional distress and assisting the client in directly changing behaviors.  Our approach is highly effective for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), agoraphobia, panic disorder, adjustment disorders, grief, depression, addictions, tobacco dependence, eating disorders, weight reduction, some physical pain problems, and many other conditions.

Couples Therapy:  Services are also available to couples who are experiencing distress in their relationship and would prefer to improve rather than terminate their relationship.  Our approach involves assisting couples in directly changing their behavior toward each other and overcoming resentments, ineffective interaction patterns, and improve the overall quality of their emotional and physical experience with each other.  Couples are also assisted in applying highly effective relationship principles so they will be able to continue to enhance their relationship throughout their lives.  The therapeutic interaction is based on effective communication and conflict is kept at a minimum throughout the therapeutic process.

Family Intervention: A variety of services are available to families.  In addition to family therapy, we also offer referral to community-based intervention, and in-home intervention in cooperation with family-based mental health programs. We apply modern therapeutic modalities to resolve problems and to assist consumers in reclaiming health. Our approach is rooted in the practical understanding that lasting results require commitment and participation of the family with a primary focus on solutions rather than problems.

Telephone and Videotelephony Consultation Services: While the demand for therapy in general and Advanced Energy Psychology and EDxTM treatment and consultation services are strong and continues to grow, the supply of practitioners is limited in terms of geographical coverage. Presently AEP/EDxTM practitioners are concentrated into a few geographical areas (see the EDxTM Certified Practitioners section of this website). This service will make AEP/EDxTM available in presently neglected areas. Services are available and are customized according to the client’s needs. We have successfully treated many problems over the telephone and via videotelephony (e.g., Skype, Zoom, Simple Practice, FaceTime, etc.). Frequency and length of sessions is flexible. In many cases sessions might be scheduled weekly or biweekly.  It should be noted, however, that some concerns are better treated in person and in such instances telephone/videotelephony consultations will not be recommended or offered as an adjunct to contact with a therapist in your area.

Professional Coaching and Success Management:  Coaching provides an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Coaching helps people improve their performances and enhance the quality of their lives.  This approach involves customizing to individual client needs by eliciting solutions and strategies from the client and assisting the client in accessing creativity and resources. Coaching is not a therapeutic approach and is not suited to the treatment of clinical problems.  It is highly beneficial in assisting individuals and companies in achieving peak performance, success, and in finding their most lucrative niches.

Psychological Evaluations:  Formal psychological evaluations involve the use of clinical interview and sophisticated testing procedures.  They are employed to determine a variety of psychological, neuropsychological, and cognitive functioning issues or problems.  These tests are employed at the request of parents to assist in the educational and mental health guidance for their children or adolescents, physicians, managers, police departments, attorneys, and judges.  Evaluations are conducted for the following: neuropsychological functioning, chronic pain management, implantable therapy clearance, disability determination, educational and vocational planning, lethal weapons, custody determination, and bariatric surgery.

Professional Staff:

Fred P. Gallo PhD, DCEP is a licensed clinical psychologist. He has been providing clinical psychological services since 1973 and is the founder of Gallo & Associates Psychological Services. He has published numerous articles and 9 books on brief therapy, research, and trauma/PTSD. Among his publications are Energy Psychology, Energy Psychology in Psychotherapy, Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods, The Neurophysics of Human Behavior, Energy Tapping, Energy Tapping for Trauma, and The Tapping Toolbox. He trains therapists worldwide in his methods. Dr. Gallo received his education at Duquesne University, Youngstown State University, University of Dayton, Kent State University, and University of Pittsburgh. He is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, and the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. He specializes in consultation and efficient treatment for trauma, PTSD, anxiety, phobias, panic, depression, addiction, smoking cessation, weight management, and chronic pain.

Danelle Carrillo Bennett, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in neuropsychology, conducting psychological and neuropsychological assessments for ages 6 to 89. She has extensive clinical experience with children, adolescents, adults, and families, and has taught clinical treatment modalities to professionals. She received her clinical psychology doctoral training at Fielding Graduate University and is a member of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association. Her specialties include assessments of cognitive changes after traumatic brain injury, stroke, and dementia. Other services include evaluations for psychiatric diagnostic clarification, developmental and intellectual delays, adjustment and conduct-related disorders, implantable therapy, bariatric surgery, and custody. Additionally, she has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating attention deficit disorders, sexual disturbances, and autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Bennett joined Gallo and Associates in 2016 and provides services through our Hermitage offices.

Conor M Scullin MA, NCC, LPC is a licensed professional counselor. He graduated from Saint Bonaventure University in May 2001 with a BA in Visual Art and completed his master’s in counseling psychology with an Art Therapy Specialization in December 2003. From 2003-2007, he worked at Adelphoi Village supervising, counseling, and monitoring male youths. At that agency he ran Choice Theory Groups, Values Clarification and Sexual Issues Groups, and collaborated with families as well as workers from different counties. He also worked at McAllister Forensics and Mercy Behavioral Health, providing court-mandated therapy to adult male and female clients registered on Megan’s Law. In 2007, Conor transitioned to the Children’s Aid Society of Mercer County providing Family-Based Mental Health Services. As a master’s level therapist, he conducted Ecosystemic structural family therapy to help parents care for their adolescents and children with mental health diagnoses at home. He was promoted to the Director in 2011, overseeing the general operation of the Family Based Mental Health (FBMH) Program. In 2022, he was employed as a part-time therapist at Paoletta’s Counseling Services, conducting family/group therapy, assessments, and treatment planning. Conor joined Gallo and Associates in September 2022. He specializes in counseling and related therapeutic services to all ages and families. Conor also has access to the myriad of social services available in the community and beyond and is able to connect individuals and families with community resources when needed.

Gina Grata-Morocco, CLC is our cheerful and highly capable office manager, and is also a Certified Life Coach. Gina helps to keep us on track and provides helpful information and caring assistance to people contacting the office about services. Gina is exceptionally knowledgeable about treatment approaches, ethics, HIPAA, diagnoses, testing, insurance, payment, scheduling, and so much more.

Tina Winiecki is our wonderful and cheerful administrative assistant who also helps to keep us on track while typing reports, letters and therapy notes, providing helpful information and caring assistance to people contacting the office about services, scheduling, and providing other assistance as needed.