Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods

Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods is more than a sequel to Energy Psychology. It is the next evolutionary step up on how to apply the principles of energy psychology to the diagnosis and treatment of any problem you choose to treat. In this “handbook” to the nuts and bolts of energy diagnostics, Dr. Gallo offers a wealth of information and know-how that cost him over a decade of study and research to acquire. The chapters cover Assumptions, Client Preparation and Engagement, Manual Muscle Testing, Neurologic Disorganization/Switching, Psychological Reversal, Basic and Ancillary Procedures, Global Therapeutic Procedures, Test and Treatment Points, Single Point and Multi-Point Protocols, Transforming Core Beliefs, Substance Sensitivities, the Future of Energy Psychology, a detailed glossary, and more.

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“Fred Gallo has written another groundbreaking book on the emerging discipline of Energy Psychology. In addition to being a sequel to his earlier work, Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods represents a significant advancement in its own right, expertly and precisely instructing the clinician in the diagnosis and utilization of subtle energies for the treatment of psychological problems. Written in a clear, concise fashion by a superb clinician, this book is destined to become a classic, a bridge into the healing modalities of the future. An impressive achievement!” -Lee Pulos, Ph.D., ABPP, Author, Beyond Hypnosis, The Power of Visualization, Coauthor Miracles and Other Realities; president of the Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

“If you’ve been curious about energy therapies but felt overwhelmed by the concepts; if you’ve wanted to utilize these techniques in your practice but didn’t know where to start, this is the book you need. Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods offers therapists not only a new approach to treating problems in therapy, but also new ways of thinking about problems. Fred Gallo does a wonderful job of leading the clinician step by step through this exciting new frontier.” -Robert Taibbi, LCSW. Author of Doing Family Therapy: Craft and Creativity in Clinical Practice

“A major paradigm shift in clinical traumatology enables more experimental and complimentary treatment approaches to flourish. Fred Gallo’s second book on energy psychology, Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods, focuses on applications and practice procedures. It will become a classic almost immediately as it ushers in new ways of viewing and handling the manifestations of distress (energy) in the body.” -Charles R. Figley, Ph.D., Traumatology Institute Director and Professor Florida State University