Energy Tapping

Energy Tapping: How to Rapidly Eliminate Anxiety, Depression, Cravings, and More Using Energy Psychology This breakthrough approach allows you to literally tap into your body’s own energy system, balance it, and begin to live a life free of nagging emotional pain, self-sabotage, and unresolved issues. Step-by-step instructions show you how to use these new acupressure-based techniques, which can be so powerful that you can change your emotional state in just a few minutes. Table of Contents: (Energy Psychology: The Missing Piece to Your Success; Your Energy Meridians; Energy Toxins; Beliefs That Hold You Back; Identifying Problems that You Want to Resolve; Understanding Psychological Reversal and Self-Sabotage; Everyone is Scared of Something; Overcoming Anger, Rage, Guilt, Shame, Embarrassment, Jealousy, Loneliness, and Rejection; Feeling Good Again; Rapidly Resolving Trauma and Painful Memories; Improving Your Sports Performance; Developing and Effective Weight-Loss Strategy; Eliminating Addictive Behaviors: Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, and Gambling; A Satisfying Relationship; Tools for a Lifetime)

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“Energy Tapping is the instant way out of the negative and getting way into the positive. You’ll love it”. —Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times Best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul ®.

“Energy Tapping is an exciting, valuable breakthrough book in the field of self-help. Readers can easily apply the powerful techniques of energy tapping and enhance performance immediately. It is an excellent and useful handbook for self-change and healing. A must read. It might just change your life.” -Philip H. Friedman, Ph.D., author, Creating Well-Being

“A clear, concise manual of self-help energy tools to build the life you have always dreamed of.” -Barbara Stone, Ph.D., author, Cancer As Initiation: Surviving the Fire

“Energy Tapping is a wonderful guide to the power of our own bodies. Easy-to-teach and easy-to-learn energy treatments for specific problems are a tremendous resource for every nurse working with families and their feelings. To the skeptics: Try it. Exploit the power of your own energy!” -Ann O’Sullivan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania

“An excellent compilation of energy psychology procedures that are easily read and performed by the professional or layman.” -James Durlacher, DC, author, Freedom From Fear Forever

“The techniques in Energy Tapping help keep me relaxed and focused in tournament play.” -James B. Masserio, 1999 Philadelphia Senior PGA Champion