Advanced Energy Psychology® EDxTM™ Certification Program

This comprehensive program entails four 2-day seminars (48+ hours). Trainees are also enrolled in the EDxTM™ email Forum throughout the course of the training to offer between-sessions support. The details of the 4 levels are as follows:

EDxTM™ I: This is the first in the series of training that comprises the Advanced Energy Psychology® EDxTM™ Practitioner Certification Program. Completing Level I prepares the practitioner to effectively apply these methods within the practice setting. After completion of this training, the practitioner may choose to complete the remaining courses of the Certification Program, which entails more advanced methodologies. Level I includes the following topics: History and theory, manual muscle testing in depth, 14 alarm (test) points, 14 treatment points, psychological reversals, criteria-related reversals, neurologic disorganization basics, emotional neurovasculars, life energy analysis, basic single point protocol, overenergy diagnosis and corrections, introduction to energy toxins, preparation and debriefing, Negative Affect Erasing Method™ (NAEM™), and the Healing Energy Light Process™ (HELP™).

EDxTM™ II: This level includes a review with additional attention to manual muscle testing, neurologic disorganization, advanced single-point protocol (entailing a greater variety of treatment points than the basic 14 points), basic multi-point protocol, and the Outcome Projection Procedure (OPP).

EDxTM™ III: This level includes a review with additional attention to manual muscle testing, Basal Energy Analysis and Management™(BEAM™), advanced multi-point protocol, core beliefs protocols, energy toxin diagnosis and treatment protocols, peak performance protocols, and sensing energy routines.

EDxTM™ IV: This level includes a detailed review, in addition to covering the Orientation-to-Origins Technique™ (OTOT™), the Introjects Protocol™, thought recognition, inclusion of other modalities in the treatment regime (e.g., homing thoughts, music, poetry, etc.), intuitive diagnosis, and applications with telephone consultation. Level IV also includes an objective exam for trainees interested in becoming Advanced Energy Psychology® EDxTM™ Certified Practitioner.

Advanced Energy Psychology® EDxTM™ Practitioner Certification Program – Topics

  • History and theory
  • Manual muscle testing
  • Test (Alarm) points
  • Advanced treatment points
  • Single-point protocols for a wide range of psychological problems
  • Multi-point protocols for a wide range of psychological problems
  • Psychoenergetic reversals
  • Criteria-related reversals
  • Therapy localization
  • Pause lock methods
  • Efficient PTSD/trauma treatments
  • Efficient physical pain treatments
  • Peak performance enhancement
  • Over-energy diagnosis and correction
  • Neurologic disorganization (switching) diagnosis and treatments
  • Client preparation and debriefing
  • Core belief protocols
  • Diagnosing energy toxins
  • Managing and correcting for energy toxins
  • Negative affect erasing method™ (NAEM™), Midline Energy Treatment™ (MET™)
  • Healing energy light process™ (HELP™)
  • Intuitive diagnosis
  • Orientation-to-origins technique™ (OTOT™)
  • Basal energy analysis and management™ (BEAM™)
  • Energy sensing processes
  • The soul principle
  • Thought recognition
  • Energy consciousness
  • Treatment over the telephone
  • Self testing
  • Research
  • And more

Advanced Energy Psychology® EDxTM™ Practitioner Certification Program – Objectives

  • Learn EDxTM™ history and theory.
  • Develop expertise with standardized manual muscle testing to diagnose psychological problems.
  • Learn to diagnose and treat various blocks to treatment effectiveness, including psychological reversal, criteria-related reversals, and criteria-related massive (global) reversals.
  • Learn to identify test and treatment points relevant to effective treatment.
  • Learn to diagnose and treat neurologic disorganization/switching.
  • Learn to diagnose the need for and to apply various stress-reduction and “brain balancing” procedures.
  • Learn to utilize manual muscle testing to identify and treat negative core beliefs.
  • Learn the role of energy toxins in the development of psychological problems, and to diagnose, manage and treat energy toxins.
  • Learn efficient treatment for peak performance enhancement.
  • Learn highly effective global treatment procedures.
  • Develop visibility as a highly qualified professional in the field of energy psychology.
  • Become certified to teach EDxTM™ Level I, with opportunities to teach more advanced levels.

Advanced Energy Psychology® EDxTM™ Practitioner Certification Program – Prerequisities

These training’s are available to mental health and allied health professionals. A background in energetic approaches is recommended. Prospective trainees will be well prepared having completed “The New Energy Psychology®” Seminar. A studied reading of Energy Psychology: Exploration at the Interface of Energy, Cognition, Behavior, and Health (Gallo, 2005), Energy Tapping (Gallo & Vincenzi, 2000), and Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods (Gallo, 2000) is also a good way to prepare for this training opportunity.

EDxTM Practitioner Certification Program – Testimonials

“Terrific! this is exciting work, and I feel much better prepared to do this work with challenging cases.” — Harry D. Corsover, PhD

“Fred Gallo is a master clinician. He is also a wonderful, warmunpretentious teacher, with a very deep knowledge of, what is, intrained hands, one of the most powerful and exciting new forms ofhealing there is. Energy psychology is to those who do not know it, mysterious and mystifying. It has, in Dr. Gallo, the rationalist champion it needed, who has painstakingly explored the scientific and scholarly ground beneath it, who has helped to perfect its techniques, and who, now, in his courses, makes these discoveries as clear and as comprehensible and accessible as possible in light of our current knowledge. One completes his courses amazed at all one has learned practically, emotionally, and intellectually.” –Norman Doidge, MD, author of The Brain That Changes Itself

“I am continually impressed with Fred’s ability to incorporate and pull together so many aspects of so many people’s work into one coherent whole. I highly recommend it.” — Steve Koretsky, PhD

“Prior to Fred Gallo’s EDxTM seminar I would think that the quiet revolution of alternative medicine that has taken place in the western world for the last few years, would skip the world of psychotherapy. Following the seminar…I feel more hopeful that this upcoming change is inevitable.” — Uri Kenig, PhD, MFCC

“EDxTM Practitioner Certification Training taught concrete methods that enable me as a psychotherapist to facilitate healing by empowering clients to make changes from the stuck positions of painful trauma and limiting core beliefs. The training also taught many self-care protocols for continued personal and professional enhancement. Dr. Fred Gallo teaches the training with an informed and gentle wisdom that is grounded in the psychological, physical, and spiritual well-being of each individual. I would highly recommend the EDxTM Training for any mental health practitioner to be used alone or in conjunction with other psychotherapeutic approaches.” –Arlene Anisman, M.Ed.

“I am constantly amazed at how powerful and effective the EDxTM tools and techniques are. In 20 years of practicing psychotherapy, I have never found any approach to be as useful in helping clients overcome emotional distress. The effects seem to be long lasting also. Dr. Gallo is an excellent teacher and presents all material in a warm and supportive manner that allows for easy learning and development.” –Lesley Hannell, M.A.

Advanced Energy Psychology® EDxTM™ Practitioner Certification Program – Continuing Education Credits

Continuing education credits may apply according to arrangements by the seminar sponsor.

Completion of EDxTM™ Level I applies to the EDxTM Practitioner Certification Program, such that the trainee may continue the series of courses beginning at Level II.

Certificates of Attendance and Completion

All seminar participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance. Advanced Energy Psychology® EDxTM™ Certified Practitioners receive a Certificate of Completion and are listed at this web site.