Energy Consciousness Therapy™

Energy Consciousness Therapy(ECT) is a communication and therapeutic methodology that integrates principles of consciousness, thought recognition, and energy psychology. It is based on the assumptions that mental health is innate, that energy and consciousness are integrally interrelated, that the health of the therapist is imperative to achieving positive therapeutic results, and that elevating thought recognition supports mental health and therapeutic results.

In addition to employing effective energy psychology techniques, ECT emphasizes accessing innate health and higher consciousness so that the interaction between therapist and client becomes the primary impetus for change work. The therapeutic process conveys principles of energy, mind, thought, and consciousness that are relevant to the individual’s specific issues. Through this deeper level of understanding, the problem can be transmuted and higher levels of consciousness and mental health can be maintained. Elevating the individual’s level of consciousness in this way also serves to balance bioenergy.

ECT empowers therapists in accessing their own innate wisdom so as to conduct therapy in ways that are effective in their own unique styles.

This seminar offers training in the principles, methodology, and techniques of ECT. While several highly effective and easily learned energy psychology techniques and standardized protocols are demonstrated (and covered in the workshop manual), the primary emphasis is on a methodology that accesses innate health and higher consciousness. You will be provided with an opportunity to experience and practice ECTand to gain a clear understanding of bioenergy and consciousness as applicable to behavior change. This seminar will enhance your ease, effectiveness, efficiency, and enthusiasm in the treatment process. This training is also highly experiential, including live demonstrations and supervised exercises to assist you in integrating ECTinto practice.

While previous background in energy psychology is helpful, it is not a prerequisite for attending this training.

Energy Consciousness Therapy™ (ECT) Seminar – Techniques & Topics


  • Energy Meridian Tapping
  • Strange Flows/Extraordinary Vessels
  • Sensing Energy
  • Emotional Stress Release (ESR) & ESR Plus
  • Frontal/Occipital Holding (F/O) & F/O Plus
  • Midline Energy Treatment (MET)
  • Affirmations & Pronouncements
  • Specific Focusing
  • General Focusing
  • Form Destruction and Construction
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Container Technique

Theory & Method Topics

  • A New View of Psychological Reversal
  • Innate Mental Health
  • Integrating Techniques & Understanding
  • Rapport & Bioenergy
  • Innocent Inquiry
  • Listening-Observing & Common Sense
  • Teaching-Learning
  • Adjustments
  • The RILTA Model
  • Permission
  • Levels of Consciousness
  • Teaching Relevant Principles
  • Moods
  • Analytical & Free Flow Thinking
  • Couples Work & Mandatory Clients

Energy Consciousness Therapy™ (ECT™ ) Seminar – Objectives

  • Significantly evolve your intuitive and therapeutic skills.
  • Provide energy psychology within a compatible therapeutic framework.
  • Readily access healthy psychological functioning for yourself and others.
  • Increase your ease and pleasure in therapeutic and other communication endeavors.


This workshop reawakens what it means to be a human being, just sitting with another human being. It speaks to all the unconscious processes that live between therapist and client.–Amy Hedberg

This workshop is valuable for anyone who wants to more deeply appreciate and enjoy the process of therapy.–Tom Thompson

I would recommend this workshop to friends and colleagues, and I would attend other workshops done by Fred Gallo.–Carol Paige Smith

The Energy Consciousness Therapy workshop was much, much more than I expected and my expectations were very high.  You are birthing a beautiful gift, a gift that I’m already finding my unique way of working with in my individual counseling relationships. — Tom McDermott , MA

The Energy Consciousness Therapy workshop helps integrate many things I know. — Barbara Metz, Ph.D.

The principles of Energy Consciousness Therapy are simple and loving and make so much practical and intuitive sense.  This course would help anyone in ANY profession. The presentation opened my eyes to how much more I could be doing for my clients–not only my clients, but for myself and my family.  — Ann Crawford, Shiatsu Therapist

Excellent opportunity to practice skills in a safe and fun environment! Highly recommended! — Meyna Wolfe , MA , LCSW