New Energy Psychology®

The New Energy Psychology® overviews the field of Energy Psychology®, focusing on many of the topics covered in Energy Psychology (CRC Press, 2005) and  Energy Tapping (New Harbinger, 2000). The seminar also provides training in a consolidation of the most effective energetic methods and techniques. Here is an opportunity to experience and practice energy psychology, to gain a clear understanding of the bioenergy system as applicable to psychotherapy, and to profoundly enhance your effectiveness, efficiency, and pleasure in doing therapy. This seminar includes live demonstrations in addition to supervised practice to assist you in integrating the results into practice. Personal outcomes can also be realized through the small group processes.

The New Energy Psychology® Seminar – Topics

  • Para scientific paradigms
  • Psychological paradigms
  • Bioenergetic paradigm
  • Acupuncture Meridians
  • Chakras
  • Biofields
  • Applied kinesiology
  • Dissociative methods
  • Eye movement methods
  • Meridian-based “tapping” therapies
  • Emotional stress release (ESR)
  • Affirmations and the energy system
  • Thymus gland and thymus thump
  • Comprehensive energy therapy techniques
  • Specific therapeutic algorithms
  • Efficient treatment for PTSD/trauma and phobias
  • Efficient treatment for depression, anxiety, and panic
  • Efficient treatment for physical pain
  • Rapid stress reduction techniques
  • Negative affect erasing method™ (NAEM™)
  • Healing energy light process™ (HELP™)
  • Manual muscle testing
  • Neurologic disorganization/switching
  • Psychoenergetic reversals
  • Criteria-related reversals
  • Current Research

The New Energy Psychology® Seminar – Testimonials

“I feel very positive about the opportunity to integrate what I have learned into my practice. I found this workshop very practical.” –Joanne Corbett, B.Sc. O.T., M.Ed.

“Great blend of academics and practicality.” –Jeanette Gascho, M.S.

“I just wanted to let you know how valuable I found your workshop. In the last four days, I have used [these methods] with great success. The changes were so dramatic. The clients were amazed at how strong they felt when thinking about problems that just a few minutes earlier had burdened them. I have been using TFT for about a year now and your workshop gave me just what I needed to make all the energy therapies I do more effective. I appreciated your willingly to be flexible and use whatever technique could work. Your integration of a number of the energy therapy techniques was a delight to watch.” –Sue Fraser, MSW, CSW, CTS