The Identity Method (IM)™

Many psychological problems originate during upset or ongoing painful life experiences, at which time sub-selves or controlling identities (CIs) are formed. Modern and ancient terms for CIs include alter ego, ego states, basins of attraction, and demons. CIs involve an assemblage of thoughts, core beliefs, emotions, sensations, physiology, and behaviors. When they are activated, your level of consciousness lowers and in a sense you become someone else. This is not the REAL YOU, but rather an identity to which you bequeath your power and control.

CIs receive their power and energy from you. Although they may be formed out of a
survival motive, they can interfere with your health, positive intentions, and happiness. While you might be tempted to fight against them, that approach actually infuses them with more energy and power. However, CIs are really powerful forces that can be
harnessed for your health and happiness. Since they are distinct from the real you, they can be efficiently transformed through unique mindfulness processes.

The creation of a CI involves duality. The process entails dissociation followed by
unconsciously “engineering” the identity and associating to it. The way out of the
quandary is through reversing the process, beginning with dissociative observation and
returning to relative wholeness. The return to wholeness occurs not through conflict, but
by witnessing, offering compassion, and getting in touch with your true self.

Drawing on concepts and techniques from hypnotherapy, NLP, mindfulness practices,
Chöd, and Advanced Energy Psychology, the Identity Method (IM) consists of processes that make it possible to access and enhance your core energy and transmute the power contained in CIs. IM involves becoming increasingly present, quieting the mind, accessing deeper feelings of compassion and serenity, and transmuting the energy of CIs through unique imagery and emotional sensations processes involving “focused mindfulness.” Psychological problems in general involve identification with mental and emotional reactions that can be released through IM.

This training highlights the origin and structure of identities and how to efficiently
regulate or transmute the energy of CIs and their manifestations, such as depression,
panic, compulsion, addiction, personality disorders, psychosomatic problems, physical
pain conditions, and more. The format includes lecture, discussion, demonstrations,
liberal experiential exercises, and small group practice so that you will personally
experience the profound benefits of IM. In the process you will learn how to effectively
apply these concepts and techniques in clinical practice to achieve profound and lasting
results. Participants will also realize personal benefits, which are integral to the expert application of IM.

While a background in Energy Psychology is helpful, it is not essential to benefit from
this program. Also IM does not require muscle testing or other modes of touch.

Seminar Topics

  • Now Processes
  • Meditation
  • Focused Mindfulness
  • Emotional Sensations Process
  • Basic and Advanced Imagery Techniques
  • Affect Bridging
  • Personification Process
  • Relationship Work
  • Disconnecting Triggers
  • Midline Energy Treatment (MET) Plus
  • Chords
  • Layering Technique
  • Life Reviewing
  • Body Scan
  • Outcome Enhancement Procedures
  • Tonglen
  • Therapist Self Care
  • Resolving Countertransference